Monday, February 27, 2012

Just off the Easel: Yorkie Pup

Here is a sweet little pup that I finished for a client last week...

Yorkie Pup
8" x 10" oil pastel on paper

I tried out the Colourfix pastel paper for this portrait.  Typically I use the Colourfix primer from the jar on my own paper or board.  I didn't find it that much different, perhaps easier because I didn't have to do the priming and deal with warping issues.  Usually I have to contend with the paper or board curling when I apply the primer.  I have yet to find my idea surface, but I'm still looking!

This week I'll be working on another pet portrait and some larger pieces based on some photos I took at Mordecai Historic Park in Raleigh last week.  Stay tuned!

Update: See the Facebook event invite for the Auction Preview at the NC Museum of Art on March 30, 2012!  (mentioned in last blog post)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Accepted!! NC Museum of Art Auction

So excited to announce that one of my paintings has been juried into the NC Museum of Art's Art of the Auction!!!   It was a total whim to submit one of my paintings, but I thought "why not!?"

"East on 64 from Jordan"

I got the email today and was prepared for the line, "Thank you for your submission, HOWEVER..."   I was happy to find the following:

Dear Bethany,

Thank you for submitting your work for the North Carolina Museum of Art’s Art of the Auction. The jury panel was pleased to receive such high quality works from so many artists.

After careful consideration of all works submitted, we are happy to inform you that your work was selected by the jury for inclusion in the Auction. We know that it takes serious commitment and talent to create thoughtful works of art, and we again offer our thanks to you—both for your creativity and for your generosity in making this donation.

I will definitely be attending the Auction Preview on March 30th.  It is free and is a part of the NCMA's Art in the Evening Friday night series of events. There will be live music, food, and beverages during the preview of items available at the Auction, which is held on April 14th, 2012.  I hope you can make it!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just off the Easel: Central Park Commission

This was a Valentine's Day gift ... the couple got engaged on this rock in Central Park, NYC.

She Said Yes
8" x 10" acrylic on canvas
What's your proposal story?  My husband and I got engaged Easter weekend 2000 at the NC Museum of Art's Rodin exhibit.  He proposed in front Cathedral, which is a sculpture of two hands.  We have a framed postcard of the sculpture to remember the big moment in our lives.

Do you have a special place that you'd like to have painted?  Please see the commissions section or my Etsy shop!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just off the Easel: House Portrait

Finished a house portrait commission.  It was a fun break from pets and people!  

"Home Sweet Home"
12" x 16" oil pastel on Pastelbord
Lots of measuring and rulers involved (even a calculator and algebra!).  And they said you didn't need math as an art major!?  

I used a watercolor underpainting before several layers of oil pastel...

To commission a custom painting like this one, please see my house portrait listing in my Shop.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just off the Easel: Blue Ridge Cows...and Sprinklers

Finished this oil pastel after it sat on the shelf since September!  

Blue Ridge Cows
11 x 14 oil pastel on Pastelbord
Available in my Shop

It was one of the pieces that I started during an outdoor art show that ended disastrously... I'm just now getting over the trauma and am willing to talk about it!  

Imagine a day long art show where you have a booth that you have meticulously prepared and created framed art for weeks. All day you have dodged rain showers and thankfully, it didn't rain.  Now it's 5pm, and you are tired and ready to break down.  

midday during the art show...
didn't know what was to come!

Others started packing up 30 minutes ago, but out of respect to everyone you hold out until the end of the day.   Then right at 5... BAM the industrial sprinklers come on (one is placed right in front of your booth) and SOAKS all of your precious art that you have framed and matted.

For what seems like an eternity the sprinklers poured water on my paintings.  I really thought a water main had broken because there was so much water erupting from the ground.  Finally someone figured out how to turn the water off.

And I hadn't sold anything all day. Did I mention that it was also my BIRTHDAY??  Yes, I cried.  And then I cleaned up, went to my birthday party, and drank beer.

So, yes, this painting has sat on the shelf for months because working on it reminded me of that art show.  But I was stuck the other day working on a pet portrait and had to take a break. I decided it was time to move on and finish the cows!

Did I mention yet that I have decided to have a booth at the Artists for Animals Faire on April 21st?  I know, I must be crazy!  Fingers crossed for no rain and NO SPRINKLERS!

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