Friday, April 15, 2011

Tips on Photographing your Pet

This week I'm working on a commission of three beautiful ladies.  I'll post some pictures when it is done, but in the meantime here are some tips on taking great pictures of your pet for a custom painting. 

The best paintings come from great photographs!

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts for taking photographs of your pet:

  • DO use the highest quality camera! Pictures from your camera-phone can be blurry and not true to color.  

Xena and Lucy
less than ideal picture taken
with a camera phone, poor lighting

  • DO be patient and take lots of photos...not 5 but 50!  Don't be in a rush and have fun with this time with your pet.  And if it's not working out, try again another time.

  • DO take photos in natural light and avoid using flash*.  Flash can create red-eye and distort your pet's coat and body.  The best photos are taken outside or near a window on a bright but overcast day.  Avoid direct sunlight since it can alter your pet's true coloring and create shadows which hide features.   *Note that some dark coats may need flash bring out the colors in its coat.  Experiment with and without flash if you have a dark-colored pet!

Bad Penny!
Flash used, poor indoor lighting
Good Penny!
Natural light, no flash

  • DO get down on your pet's level.  (Unless you want a photo with your pet looking up at you)

Cupcake and Buckley looking up....

  • DON'T forget to take head and full-body photographs.   Take closeups of your pets face as well as 3/4 and full-body shots.  

  • DO have some treats on hand to capture your pet's attention.  To capture your pet's personality,  DO include his or her favorite toy or ball in the photo/portrait.

Colby with his ball...
he loves to fetch!

  • DO have fun!  Any time spent with your special furry friend is time well spent.   :)

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